Zen Meditation Techniques – Know The Benefits and Experience of Zen Meditation

zen meditation techniques

Zen Meditation is a Japanese meditation method that allows us to access and control our unconscious mind effectively. This meditation method is also known as Zazen and it is a meditation technique that represents Buddhist psychology. The main purpose of Zen meditation is to concentrate and to insist on being thoughtless.

In this post, we are going to tell you the popular Zen Meditation Techniques, their benefits, uses, as well as what can happen during this time and what you should do about it.

Beginning With Zen Meditation 

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Crossing both the legs, sitting in the lotus position and concentrating is the beginning of this meditation method. Some practitioners also count breath which is 1 to 10 and gradually come out of the state of experiencing anything. 

Top 3 Zen Meditation Techniques

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  • Observation of Breathe 

In this technique of Zen Meditation, the meditator should sit in a comfortable posture- lotus or half-lotus or Seiza pose and direct his/her awareness towards a certain object or observe their own breathing. It will help the meditator to improve alertness and focus. It is advisable to sit on a slip-free mat or padded cushion while doing zazen. 

  • Quiet Awareness

Unlike the previous one, this Zazen technique doesn’t focus on a particular point. Rather in this technique, the meditator just sits and learns how the thoughts process without judging, grasping or reacting. This technique is known as shikantaza in Japan, which means just sitting. In simple words, here the meditators sit with no goal, they just sit quietly and allow their mind to be.  

  • Intensive Group Meditation

This is a professional zen meditation technique that is more popular among serious meditators. In this technique, a group of serious meditators sits together in the mediation centre or temple and meditate. It is known as sesshin in Japan.

What Happens During Practice Zen Meditation?

This meditation can also be called as open-monitoring meditation. Looking at oneself with open eyes, moving from one state to another where the meditator sees everything with open eyes and trying to understand it with detailed thinking, that too without any response.

Zen meditation is like mindfulness meditation to some extent, in which the meditator tries to keep, observe and control the mind. The Zen Meditation emphasis on expanding oneself.

Benefits Of Zen Meditation

It is a simple meditation technique, but with major benefits. It not only helps to calm you mentally but is also helpful in healing physical stress and pain as well. This is nothing less than a remedy for those who constantly deal with stress and are trying to get rid of it. In spiritual language, Zen meditation helps reconnect your mind and soul, so that you get clarity and answer all your concerns.

So far, a lot of research has been done about it and it has been found that in zen meditation we get physical, cognitive, social, spiritual, and emotional health benefits, which vary depending on the method. With regular practice of Zed meditation, one can easily control stress and other physical and mental health issues. 


By practising Zen meditation regularly, you can reach the ultimate level of calmness. So just keep practising different zen meditation techniques, it will take you to a point when all your worries will end.

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