What Are the Most Important Meditation Steps

meditation steps

Meditation is a time-honored technique of helping to quiet and relax the mind. It is a means by which we can learn to let go of our problems and concentrate on the present. But as with most things, we tend to take meditation steps one at a time, without ever really mastering the skill. And before you begin your first meditation steps, you’ll want to learn how to sit comfortably. Sit straight, with your back straight and your shoulders back.

The reason we feel good and calm is that we are fully aware of what’s happening in front of us. When we are calm, our minds are free of conflict and anxiety. So start your meditation steps with a simple, relaxed pose. If it helps, close your eyes. Close your mind. If this doesn’t make you feel good, try doing this meditation exercise while being gently meditating (you can do this while sitting down, lying down or standing up, whichever feels better for you).

An Overview

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Sit for one minute, breathing slowly and deeply. You may find that sitting for one minute is difficult to do, especially if you have just gotten home from work. You can also choose to kneel, or lie down. But if you feel more comfortable sitting down, then do so. You may be tempted to close your eyes during this one minute meditation, but don’t; instead, continue looking around, letting your eyes take in everything.

Now, it’s time to move your body. Stand up and walk around a bit, feeling your legs and your arms become tired. Continue to stand and walk around for a few minutes, until you feel better and more relaxed.

Important Meditation Steps

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If you’ve had enough of the ruts of your day, or are simply ready for a change, then now’s a good time to move on from your usual meditation routine. If you prefer to meditate alone time, then go about it in a way that suits you best. Do one thing at a time. Or two, maybe three things at once. In either case, remember that the purpose of your meditation is to learn to be still, and to let go of any expectations of how you want to feel or behave.

If you find that you need to meditate more often than this article suggested, then you may even consider purchasing some guided meditation CDs. Some are very expensive, but they are also very effective. If you’re a spiritual person, then you may even be able to benefit from having a guide who will teach you the art of meditation. In any event, it’s important that you find something that’s in line with what you want out of the experience. That’s why it’s important to know which meditation steps are Praiseworthy.

First, the basic mantra we all begin with: Om Shanti Om. This is Sanskrit for “I am what I am.” This simple but powerful statement starts everything off, and it says, “I am here just as I am in this moment.” It is important to meditate on this all the time. We have been conditioned from birth to believe what our minds tell us is true. The first step of finding your own truth is to discover your true self.

In The End

Then there are three other mottos that are important to us all when it comes to learning to meditate. They are, “I am whole and complete,” “I am in perfect harmony with myself and with everyone and everything,” and, “I am connected to my Higher Power.” The last of these phrases is usually taken as a commandment. The third one, however, is used in a prayerful way, and it says, “Om Shanti Om.” The purpose of these three phrases is to help us stay on course and to direct our meditation efforts accordingly.

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