The Best Beginner Meditation Apps for Your iPhone

best beginner meditation apps sattva

Which are the best beginner meditation apps for you? The short answer is anyone. In fact, it could be an iPhone! The keyword here is “app.” With all of the apps out there claiming to be the best, this can be rather difficult. This is why you need to do your homework and figure out what type of meditation you want to do, and then check out the different meditation apps available.

Let’s say you like to meditate on your own. Which of the apps available has the right audio track for you? One example would be Sattva Meditation. If you’ve never heard of it, Sattva is one of the leading meditation apps for iPhones, and it comes in two flavors: one with a tape and one with an MP3 player.

Best Beginner Meditation Apps Sattva

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If you’re looking for an ideal meditation tool, Sattva might not be it. Although it offers some great features and is a wonderful app, it’s not exactly the best beginner meditation tool. Its main selling point is its ease of use. As such, it is easy enough for you to learn how to meditate on your own and then find ways to incorporate that into your daily life.

It’s very similar to meditation software, but Sattva uses a physical object as the “breath.” Instead of going through the motions of meditation, you put your attention onto the sound of the device and let your thoughts flow. It’s as simple as that. Another example of one of the best beginner meditation apps for iPhones, called Hooray!, is quite similar. What makes both of these so effective is that they require little effort on the user’s behalf to get started.

Other Options

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So what are some of the other options? There’s only one problem, and that’s all the apps on the market claiming to be the best. To help with this, we have a couple of guidelines: familiarity with meditation and being open to trying out one, or two, before investing in a large purchase. There are plenty of excellent products out there, so don’t feel limited by the choices. Just make sure to do your research!

One popular brand of meditation apps for iPhones and iPod Touch is Hooray! With more than 100 meditations, it’s designed to teach you how to meditate using a fun, approachable interface. In addition to the apps for meditation, there are also games, worksheets, relaxation music, video guides, and other features. You’ll need to check out the rest of the Hooray!

Things To Consider

This last one is a bit of a departure from the norm, but not necessarily for the better. If you’re looking for an iPhone meditation application with an Asian slant, then you’ve come to the right place! Taj Mahal Meditation is an online resource to help you meditate using the Indian system of Yoga Sattva. It incorporates meditation and sound healing to maximize your practice and bring more peace and happiness into your life. It focuses on achieving inner balance through the five elements: air, earth, fire, water, and wood. The website talks at length about attaining spiritual health.

Bottom Line

Whatever your preference, do your research, and find a program you feel comfortable with. If you have any doubts about which app to choose, try some of the more popular ones out there, and see how they work for you. If you don’t like them at all, give them a shot again. As with anything in life, you’ll eventually get what you want!

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