The Best And Simple Meditation Tips

Simple Meditation Tips

Meditation is one of the richest forms to relax and gain inner peace. It relieves mental stress and brings calmness and peace to the mind. Meditation is a habitual platform to form other habits. Following some simple meditation tips bring divine peace, makes you focused, appreciative, and attentive in life. It makes you positive and attractive in every sense. When your mind is at peace, your stress vanishes, and your body works more than fine. Meditation helps in understanding yourself. To make it even more efficient, follow these simple meditation tips.

The Most Simple Meditation Tips

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Beginning to anything needs simple steps, and one need not think of becoming an expert on the very first day. One gets better with practice and slowly professes it better every coming day. These simple meditation tips will definitely help you in growing. You shouldn’t be keeping and doing all of them together, but adapting one at a time from these simple meditation tips would be fruitful.

Increasing time from 2 minutes to 30 minutes- Initially, start with meditating for 2 minutes per day for one week. Increase it eventually per week. This way, you are ready slowly but steadily.

The first thing in the morning- Start your morning each day with meditating. It will not only begin your day afresh. Put a reminder each day to maintain a schedule.

Stop worrying; start doing- You don’t need to worry about how to do it, where to do it, and when to begin it? Just start doing it, and things will automatically take place.

Breath counting- After Settling down, start counting your breath, take long breaths in and out. Start with ten breath counts on day one and gradually keep increasing.

Coming back- Human minds do not settle at meditating at one place, it revolves and wanders. When you feel your mind isn’t present, return it to the focus and start counting again. This is completely okay and happens with everyone in the beginning.

Friendly attitude- One needs to develop a friendly attitude towards their own thought process during meditation. Handle them with a loving attitude, do not hate them, and try dissolving them positively.

It’s about knowing yourself- Meditation is all about knowing yourself, get to know your mind and soul. Understanding yourself is the first key to self-improvement.

Scan yourself- Once your breath is in control, you can focus on each body part by analyzing your breath and focusing on your body part. From toe to head, your body will gradually be in your control.

Focus on elements- The room or space you are meditating has elements like energy, light, and sounds. One needs to focus on the light on a certain day. Absorb the light by focusing at a light point. Another day focuses on the sounds, then on the energy the following day.

Smile, and the world smiles with you- Smile when you are done with the meditation. This is a self-appreciation towards your own self.


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Meditation is a path to find yourself. It might not be very easy, but it is beneficial in a great way. These simple meditation tips are the perfect guidelines to start gradually and learn to meditate. You can incorporate these simple meditation tips in your life to enhance the productivity of your meditation.

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