Stress Relief – Meditation For Dealing With Troubles Of Stress

stress relief meditation

Breathe: Stress Relief Meditation program provides the best exercises like Feel Good, Relax, Contemplation, Calming, Focus, Self-healing and Peace of mind. The program is developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, a long-time yogi and cognitive therapist. The main aim of this work was to provide a natural, holistic way of relieving stress and anxiety, both physical and mental. Stress can have a negative impact on our health and well-being, and its symptoms such as sleep disorders, pain, depression, heart disease, overeating, and more, can lead to a dysfunctional and stressed life. In addition, the high level of anxiety may trigger certain diseases like cardiovascular problems.

Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief

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Breathing exercises have been proven to be a highly effective tool for stress relief meditation. It does not matter if you are meditating for fifteen minutes or half an hour, breathing techniques will help you in your meditations. It works by relaxing the entire body, including the muscles, while opening the rib cage and releasing tension throughout the body. A good quality breathing technique includes taking slow, controlled, breaths while using your diaphragm, abdominal muscles, chest and stomach muscles.

If you want to learn the techniques for stress relief meditation, you can choose from different styles of yoga. One of the most popular is Hatha Yoga, which involves stretching and relaxation exercises. Another option is Moksha Yoga, which utilizes meditation in a slower, spiritual form. Kundalini Yoga combines breathing with movements in postures. If you are interested in Kundalini Yoga, it is advisable that you attend a class.

Guided Imagery is another way to reduce stress and anxiety. In this type of stress relief meditation, the mediator (you) role play and direct imagery to your subconscious mind. The unconscious mind, unlike your conscious mind, does not always respond constructively to your creative suggestions. The resulting imagery can be anything that has an important meaning for you and has strong emotion associated with it. You may for example, create a peaceful waterfall on your garden, or picture yourself sailing on the ocean.

Stress relief through imagery and relaxation techniques is also possible through an App. The Stress Relief Anxiety App or Starmine is developed by Chris Gibson, an experienced intuitive and personal development consultant. This app uses a combination of meditation, relaxation and imagery techniques to tackle the problem of anxiety and stress. The calming effect and the deep relaxation achieved through the mediation process, enables you to experience profound relaxation and calmness. The Starmine’s calming effect is achieved through the use of an intuitive, creative and motivating musical piece.

An additional method of meditation is to listen to an audio recording which plays calming, peaceful music. It is an innovative approach to meditation as it does not involve sitting still and therefore there is no need to concentrate on each movement of the eyes or mouth. The music plays automatically at a particular point in the meditation session thus ensuring that the meditative process remains conducive and effective.

Although stress relief through imagery and relaxation techniques is possible with both the Starmine and the App, it should be noted that the App, in particular, is the most effective when it comes to dealing with trait anxiety. This is because of the nature of trait anxiety. Unlike most forms of anxiety, trait anxiety is usually manifested externally through the way a person behaves in public. People with trait anxiety are extremely sensitive to criticism and are unable to cope with changes in public opinion.

End Note

As mentioned earlier, both the Starmine and the Stress Relief meditation are both very effective when dealing with difficult emotions like anxiety. However, the difference between these apps lies in the manner in which they induce a state of meditation. The Stress Relief app is used to induce a calm and focused state of mind, whereas the Starmine is used for stimulating the mind. By working with the same basic app, it is possible to obtain the same beneficial results as well.

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