Monks and Meditation – 5 Tips For Successful Meditation Results

monk meditation tips

This is also the main reason why you will need to find the right ways for this specific art. monk meditation tips are necessary for those people who want to master this process of meditation. These tips are very significant when you are about to enter the monastic life. If you are not yet aware of the things that should be done in order to achieve the full benefit of the practice of Buddhist Monastery, monk meditation tips are for you. Read on and get inspired about the things that you have to do.

Always Remember About The Importance Of Silence

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The first tip is to always remember about the importance of silence. Without any distraction, you can easily focus your attention on the sound of the ocean. Even if there is a lot of background noise, the sound of the ocean itself will not be disturbed. This is because the sound of the ocean represents pure meditation.

Another factor that you have to bear in mind is proper clothing. During the time of meditation, it is very important to wear loose-fitting cloth which will allow the air to circulate around your body. In case if you choose silk, the air will not be able to circulate around your body and this will cause your body temperature to raise. This will result in hot sensation and you will feel shiver all over.

Learn To Go Into Solitude

The third tip is that you should learn to go into solitude. You have to understand that solitude is the foundation of meditation. Monks spend their whole day in solitude. When you are in solitude, you can concentrate your mind and become really concentrated on the activity you are doing at that particular moment.

You have to know that you should never try to do something more than what is required for you by the Buddha. This will only bring you hardships in the future. You have to learn to do a few simple meditation techniques such as finger meditation, mindfulness meditation, deep breathing and so on. Once you are able to master these meditation techniques, you will be able to use them when you want to meditate but you should always remember that these tips are for beginners only.

Now, you have to think about the diet that you want to follow. If you are vegetarian, then it is necessary to follow a strict diet. You should not eat any fish or meat. There are a lot of vegetables and fruits that you can include in your meals. In addition, you should drink plenty of water.

Avoid Stimulants Such As Coffee And Tea

The fourth tip is to avoid stimulants such as coffee and tea. These substances can make you feel jittery. If you want to stay calm, you should avoid these substances. They will only add more stress to your life. You have to know that caffeine can make you lose concentration. This will only trigger the “fight or flight” response.

Summing Up

The last one of the monk meditation tips that you should keep in mind is to always keep your eyes open. If you want to meditate deeply, you have to be aware of everything. You have to be able to see the whole situation. When you keep your eyes open, you will be more likely to get what you want out of your meditation sessions.

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