Meditation Techniques for Anxiety

meditation techniques

Anxiety and stress and quite common in our society today. Tensions, stress related to work, relationship stress are common reasons to get anxious and depressed. We all know that these thoughts go away with time, but there are ways of getting rid of anxiety when it strikes. Although anxious thoughts will continue to come in your mind throughout your life for some reason or the other, once you learn how to manage them, your life will get easier. Here are 7 meditation techniques for anxiety.

Focus on inhalation and exhalation

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This is the primary method of meditation. Once you start focusing on your breath, you train your mind to only think about how your breath is taken in through your nostrils and exhaled from your nostrils. This prevents your mind to think about anything else. This practice may be tough at first, but eventually, with practice, you learn how to control your dwindling thoughts.

Focus on how your feet feel on the floor

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This is a amusing exercise which make you get conscious of your touch. You need to focus on how your hands feel on any surface or how your back feels against a char. Similarly, you need to pay attention to how your feet feel on the floor. While meditating, it is natural for your mind to wander, but you need to keep bringing it back to your exercise. Slowly, you will realize that you will be able to hold your concentration for longer.

Starting at the top of your head, do a full-body scan

This does not literally means scanning your body! You need to close your eyes and focus on each body part starting from the head. Stop at the body parts which have a sensation like the eyes, nose, ears, tongue. This also is a mind exercise.

Imagine bright and warm sunlight falling on your body

If you can sit under the morning sunlight for this exercise, it is good. But, if not, just imagine how your body and skin feels when you sit under bright sunlight and feel the sun rays penetrating through your skin and body parts. Just imagine that this sunlight is melting your tensions away.

Let your mind go wild and think whatever it wants

Most of the time, a troubled mind thinks the worst of everything. A counter therapy of meditation explains that when one leaves the mind to wander and think whatever it wants, it actually feels done with and over with anxiety. When you have thought about the worst and then realize that it was mere imagination, you actually feel light. This is also a great exercise to unwind.

Picture someone you love and breathe in their anxieties

This is a meditative method of healing someone through good wishes. Just think of the person you love the most and imagine inhaling all their tensions with every breath you take. When you exhale, think of all the good qualities they have and the love you share with them. This is a strong exercise of thinking of others before you and it helps you let go of your anxieties.

Talk to yourself

Talking to yourself like a friend when your anxious helps. Imagine a friend is sitting right inside your brain urging you to come out of your anxieties and think positive. This really helps and over time, you learn to control your anxieties yourself.

These are the 7 best meditation techniques for anxiety.

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