Meditation Breathing Techniques – Part 2

meditation breathing techniques

As with anything in life there is a right way and a wrong way to meditate. Like everything else there is a difference between being successful and achieving your goals. Just as someone that sleeps well will usually wake up feeling refreshed, similarly someone that is constantly under stress will sometimes wake up feeling exhausted. Some people think they are constantly being stressed but are not aware of how much they are actually worrying. Many times people who are constantly worried are rushed, out of breathe, or feel like their minds are running a thousand miles an hour.

Start Slowly

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When you start to meditate you should always start slowly. You don’t want to rush through the practice as it may cause you to become impatient and tense, which can lead to poor concentration. It’s best to start off by learning one of the many different meditation breathing techniques that are available.

One of the simplest meditation breathing techniques is to breath slowly from your diaphragm. While breathing you should focus on every breath that leaves your body going for as long as possible without swallowing your air. Each breath should be controlled and thought about. Your goal should be to relax the body. If you are tense or stressed out, you need to release the tension by relaxing your mind.

Focus Your Awareness

The second meditation breathing techniques is to focus your awareness on your inhalation and exhalation. This part of the exercise is similar to the first but to intensify it. By taking slow, deep breaths you can learn to calm your mind as you become mindful of each breath. You can use your diaphragm or your hand to help you focus on your inhalation and exhalation.

Another easy meditation breathing techniques involves being aware of your hands. Take slow, conscious breaths in through your nose and out again. As you become more aware of your hands you will begin to move them as you breathe. With practice this simple conscious breathing exercise can become very powerful and helpful for you in many daily situations. The more you practice the less tense your muscles will become.

Focus On Your Nostrils

You may find it helpful to focus on your nostrils instead of your abdomen when practicing these types of meditation breathing techniques. Try to focus on each individual pore as you breathe. The more you focus on your nose the less you will think about your other organs or what is going on in your body. You will soon find yourself breathing more smoothly and deeply. Once you have practiced for some time you will find yourself not even noticing when your lungs are rising or falling.

Final Words

Try to find a quiet spot where you can practice your breathing mindfully. If possible, try to find a place where you may not be disturbed or where your distractions will be non-existent. Take deep slow breaths while trying to stay as relaxed as possible. You’ll soon begin to realize the connection between the mindful breathing and the relaxation you feel within yourself. As you continue to practice this every day, you will discover a deeper and more profound sense of relaxation, peace, and well being.

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