Learn The Best Beginner Meditation Exercises

beginner meditation exercises

Meditation is one of the best ways to deal with stress and tension. Many people are following this technique to get rid of their daily stress and tension. For beginner meditation exercises can be a bit challenging in the beginning. However, below discussed are some exercises that they can practice and with time they will be able to become a pro.

Focus Meditation – One Of The Beginner Meditation Exercises

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In focus meditation, you need to focus on one object for a long time and fully examine it. You can’t see any other things in this meditation. You can select any object like a candle or a flower that will incite your sense. For example, you can take a candle and keep in front of you. See deeply in it when you breathe, you will be amazed to see several colors. Focus on its sound, smell, and immerse yourself in the flame of the candle. Your daily practice will increase your attention power and you will be able to deeply focus.

Mindfulness Meditation

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Mindfulness meditation is related to life in the present. This prevents you to think about your past or live in the future. In this meditation, you feel or sense every moment without prejudging anything. Mindfulness meditation includes guided imagery, body scan, mindful breathing where you can heal your body. When you talk about mindfulness, you give full focus and attention to doing one thing. In the mindfulness meditation, you can scan your body, deeply breathe, and make your way from head to toes.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is one of the beginner meditation exercises. You can chant the mantra for gaining clarity or focus. Mantra is the repetition of a phrase or word which is related to a deity or a spiritual force. There are many types of mantras that you can chant for different purposes in which Ohm is very common. You can chant the mantra silently or aloud. Once you start the chant, you should complete a cycle but if you are a beginner then there is no boundation. If you start practicing mantra meditation, sit silently and chant the mantra at least 108 times. You can use a mala to count the number of times.

Mindful Walking Meditation For Beginner Meditation Exercises

Another meditation technique that you can follow is walking meditation. It is also termed as Kinhin and involves meditating while walking. You can either walk in a room or a park holding the hands at the back. The hands are in shashu position in which one hand is closed forming a fist with the other hand enclosed in the fist. You walk silently and observe everything which is around you like feel the air, notice even a small leaf. This meditation is very relaxing and rewarding. If you feel trouble in sitting meditation then you can prefer walking meditation.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is one of the beginner meditation exercises which use visualizations and imagery techniques that are very helpful for those who are unable to do challenging meditation. While meditation, you reach your favorite imaginary place and this technique is used especially for healing and personal development problems.This meditation is very useful, beneficial, and rewarding.


Practicing daily meditation is the best way to enjoy your life stress-free. You can use many meditation techniques available from beginner to experience.

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