Know-How Silent Meditation Tips For Working Persons Can Be Very Beneficial

silent meditation tips

When we meditate, we remain silent. Then, what are the silent meditation tips? Here, by silent meditation, we mean that you need to see things the way they are(also called vipassana). You may don’t know, but this is India’s most ancient meditation technique to gain wisdom. There is also a course of silent meditation under which the participants are made to stay silent for 10 days. They are told not to utter a single word unless there’s an emergency. No gestures are allowed – hand gestures. Face gestures, nothing. The difficult part is that they are made to meditate for 10-12 hours straight in a day.

Now imagine, imagine there’s no phone. No type of communication. There’s only one person, and that is you. Everyone you know won’t be around you; the only company you will get is your own company.

The effect of silent meditation tips lasts for life long. Maybe you won’t see any change in yourself when you meditate silently, but over the coming years, you will notice a dramatic change in yourself. You will know how you speak less, but the words are of wisdom. No rubbish words come from your mouth, and you will start believing in the real and idealistic principles as well.

Silent Meditation Tips That You Can Follow At Your Home Also

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Start Accepting 

The fundamental principle of vipassana is acceptance. You take things the way they are, and you live happily. There are no buts and ifs in the statement. It is a human tendency not to accept things, but if you start accepting, you will start gaining wisdom.

You Need To Respond But No Need To React 

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When someone asks you a question or makes a statement, you should only make a response to them. You need not react, as they are trying to get a reaction out of you and nothing else. What you need to do is, you need to step back and observe things carefully. 

Be A Decisive Personality 

This is one of the traits of a good leader that he/she is able to see things clearly. Being decisive means you can make a rational decision in a tough situation. 

Build An Effective Communication

Now, communication is a must, but it should be effective. You are gaining something productive out of the communication, and we do not consider rubbish talks effective communication.


These silent meditation tips will create a better working environment for yourself. You will become an idol role model, and people will come to you for any kind of advice. Now, this is the quality of the leader; a leader is a guardian angel for others. Silent meditation tips will surely make a dramatic change in one’s life. 

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