Different Types of Meditation Techniques

meditation techniques

Meditation techniques vary as much as their practitioners. Some use meditation techniques in order to control and change their minds and bodies, others simply learn how to better focus on the present moment. But regardless of why we use meditation techniques, they all have one thing in common: the ability to bring peace and clarity to our lives.

The first thing to understand about meditation techniques is that these are not a magic pill or a magical technique. After all, there exist literally hundreds of meditation techniques ranging from ancient traditions, different cultures, different spiritual traditions, and religious practices.

However, there is no universally accepted or commonly accepted type, ‘best,’ or ‘most effective’ type; instead, it’s personal preference which helps us decide the ones that work best for us. Meditation techniques can be categorized into five different categories: relaxation techniques, mindfulness techniques, visualization techniques, sound-based meditation, and yoga-based meditation.

Relaxation Techniques

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These meditation techniques help people calm themselves by using deep breathing exercises, meditation, and visualizations. For example, someone may meditate by picturing a waterfall flowing over his or her head, and then he or she may visualize water flowing down over and through the body. This will help a person focus on the physical sensations of breathing and the flow of the water.

Mindfulness Techniques

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These techniques focus on the present, while also being mindful of the entire experience of the moment, the surroundings, and the entire process of being alive and living in the world.

Visualization Techniques

These techniques focus on the process of visualization. Meditation practitioners meditate by picturing themselves reaching the highest state of consciousness. Through visualization, practitioners can bring themselves into a relaxed state that may lead to the enlightenment of the spiritual self, or to the state where they can let go of all negative thoughts and emotions.

Sound-Based Meditation

A sound-based meditation is characterized by the use of sounds, music, and voices as means of relaxing and focusing on the present. and calming the mind and body.

Yoga-Based Meditation. This type of meditation uses physical postures as a means of relaxation and focusing on the present. Although some individuals meditate alone, others participate in groups, or with other practitioners who also practice this type of meditation. This type of meditation is often associated with certain types of Indian and Tibetan spiritual traditions.


This type of meditation may include breathing exercises, meditation, visualization, and visualization. The use of music is often used to help a person relax and focus on the breath.

Yoga-Based. This type of meditation involves meditating on an object or person, or even on the entire universe.

Sound-Based and Yoga-Based meditation techniques are effective at helping people to relieve stress. They help to reduce anxiety and tension, while also increasing the overall clarity and health of an individual’s life. They can also be used to help one develop meditation skills that can help them reach enlightenment and a state of inner balance.

Techniques To Consider

While there are several meditation techniques to consider, it’s important to remember that the most important thing is that you find the type of meditation that works best for you. The best way to do this is to try several different techniques and see which one works best for you.

For example, if you have never meditated before, you should consider trying out several meditation techniques to determine what works best for your needs. One popular type of meditation that has proven to be effective for many people is mediation via mantras. Using mantra meditation, a person will focus his or her attention on a sound, phrase, or word and imagine the sound, word or phrase as a whole. This technique works by reminding a person of positive words or phrases, such as the ones that lead to positive thoughts.


Another technique that can help people relax and focus on the here and now is visualization. Visualization is a process wherein a person visualizes a time in the past or future, or another place, or another person, in order to calm and focus on a specific part of the experience. This technique is particularly helpful when a person has trouble focusing.

Finally, there are a variety of sound-based meditation techniques to consider. These include mantras, meditation through yoga, and the use of music or other sounds in combination with visualization.

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