Best Free Beginner Meditation App To Find Inner Peace And Calmness

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Meditation is a way to find inner peace and calmness in one’s life and there are many methods to attain it. Whether you are working from home on a busy schedule or are a student preparing for the examination, meditation can help you achieve the calmness and focus you need. It is mainly the technique to tune your mind in a certain way in order to avoid distractions and problems.

How Can One Enjoy The Beauty Meditation?

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There are different methods accessible to practice meditation. There are applications available that can help you to do meditation. Applications will help you to do meditation with the help of audio and visuals. They will guide you on the right path with meditation. Some of these apps are free, while some others require a subscription to get in. Anyway, apps are just great to study and practice meditation.

The Calm App

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The calm app has more of a relaxed approach as it helps the users to get into a mode of relaxation and calmness. Calm is a very popular app for meditation and is used by many people across the world. You can use the app wherever you are and it is a great way to tune your mind and find comfort. Download the app and find perfect ways to meditate in this busy world.

Insight Timer

The app is one of the few apps that are entirely free to users. Many of the apps provide a free trial and the user will have to pay for it the next time. But this is not the case with the insight timer. It is very useful for people who find it difficult to pay for subscriptions and is very common and famous among the public. Download one now and you will feel the difference.

The Famous Mindfulness App

The mindfulness app is for little advanced users and if you have already practiced meditation, this one can help. The app helps one to create a custom session of about 3 to 30 minutes in length. There are many interesting features on the app that will make one engaged and calm throughout the time of using it. The music in the app is all made to make one feel relaxed.

The UnPlug Meditation App

Some apps are extensions of the live meditation studios. The Los Angeles based UnPlug meditation studio made this app and has about 700 meditation videos that vary in length. The duration varies from one minute to one hour and the user can select the one that best fits his interest. You can customize the mood in the app to suit your mood and is a really interesting one.


Beginner meditation apps are just great to have the right meditation techniques and feelings. There are different types of apps available to download and one can select according to his choice.

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