Best Five Mindfulness Meditation Tips

mindfulness meditation tips

Mindful meditation is nothing but the ability to be present in the moment which you are living. Being aware of your own surroundings, your body, your breath and your mind. It is a really good way to increase your attention, lower your stress and spark creativity into your brain.

It’s not always about sitting for hours and not thinking about anything. Mindful meditation can be practiced anywhere. You can practice it while you are working, eating, walking or doing any random daily task. These following tips will help you get through mindful meditation effectively.

1.Choose an amiable environment

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An environment where you won’t be disturbed or bothered is a must thing to have if you want to practice any kind of meditation. You really don’t want to listen to football scores when you are trying to focus on your breaths. So, it is essential for you to choose the least distracting environment for yourself. Set aside a timer, sit quietly in a poster that you feel most comfortable in and settle in. Take deep breaths and try to focus on just that.

2. Starting the meditation

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This might seem daunting to you but you need to give it a try. You have to set your mind at ease and focus on your breaths. Realize that you are not your thoughts. You are more than that. You are not just your mind or body. There is something more to you that is present. When you will be alone in that state of mind you will find it peaceful. And if you get distracted you need to start it again and focus on your breaths. Just the breaths. How air enters your nose, and goes into your lungs, feel it. It’s good for the first step.

3. Practicing Mindfulness techniques

As I have written above mindful meditation is nothing but a process of being aware of your surroundings. So start by eating mindfully savour it’s taste, focus on the ingredients, maybe how they differ from the taste of the dish. Go for a walk and focus on the people going by, be mindful of where you put your feets.You can add up more daily tasks into these like brushing your teeths, writing your paper anything that you have to do daily, try doing it more mindfully.

4. Make mindfulness your habit

Oftentimes we get so accustomed to things that we forget that we don’t remember doing them. Like locking the door, or turning the Ac off. Practice mindfulness in all the things that make it your habit and whenever you feel like you are not being mindful, remind yourself about it. Rome was not built in a day. And Mindfulness can’t be achieved in some days. You need to give it time.


During these fast times. When everyone is going away from their mind and their body. Everyone wants an escape, practicing mindfulness will be tough for you. But you are not alone. When you will be mindful in your life you will meet a lot of people like you. And you will be happy that you read this article and thought about being a little more mindful.

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