Best Beginner Meditation Books That You Can Try

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Meditation is a technique that relaxes both your mind and soul. It is suitable for both your mental and physical health. Further, if you don’t know how to meditate, you can learn it through various workshops or tracks. Moreover, there are several books available that can teach you how to meditate. It is a beautiful thing that can even ease you out of your pain. Everyone must take some time out of their schedule and devote it to meditation. Here are the best beginner meditation books that you can read if you are new to this thing.

Meditation Made Easy

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It is a book by Lorin Roche. Further, this book is suitable for people who want a simple book that is light to read and includes some humor. These books provide a user-friendly guide to meditation. 

In addition to this, the book provides three techniques that beginners can try. Further, the book teaches how one can customize meditation and use it according to their needs. It is an excellent book for beginners who know nothing about meditation.

10% Happier

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A book by Dan Harris is perfect for people who like to read autobiographies. Further, the book takes us into his journey of life. It tells us how he used to tame the voice in his head. The book also tells us about mindfulness meditation. 

This book is perfect for people who disagree with the benefits of meditation, as this book will completely change your perception.

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

This book is by Shunryu Suzuki. The book is idle for the people who wish to learn living in the present. Further, the book even teaches how one can enjoy obstacles that come their way.

The book is a compilation of all the lectures that Suzuki gave to his students. All lectures are segregated under three headings: practice, attitude, and understanding.

Also, you must know that it is not a how-to guide. Instead, this book will change your mindset and provide you with a positive outlook towards meditation. Further, the book gives details about seating meditation in postures, focused attention, and breathing.

What Is Zen?

This book is perfect for people who want a detailed guide on meditation’s traditional and religious roots. The book is written by Alan Watts. 

Through this book, you will learn about Taoism, Zen, and Buddhism. One should read this book only if they wish to get in-depth knowledge about meditation.

The Final Say

All of these books are amazing. And they will give you insights into meditation. However, you cannot read these books if you are forced to do so. One can only enjoy the beauty of these books if he wishes to read them from their heart. Therefore, do not pressurize yourself and read-only when your heart says to do so. Till then you can start reading some other books which will instill some reading habits in you. If you have a habit of reading, it will be easier for you to read such books.

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