A Guide to the Different Types of Meditation and its Benefits

different meditation techniques

Meditation helps to train your mind to focus and redirect your mind and improve your quality of life. It is an age old practice that has been prevalent in different cultures and countries.

Apart from improving our concentration and altering our consciousness, it helps find inner peace. There are several researches that have been studied about the innumerable benefits of meditation for improving one’s health.

The Five Different Types of Meditation for Beginners.

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Mindfulness Meditation

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This is one of the most popular forms of meditation practiced. This is known to have originated from Buddhist teachings.

In this type of meditation, you focus on your mind and being aware of your bodily sensations, feelings or thoughts that cross your mind without being judgemental. Focusing on an object or breathing can help you with concentration.

It helps you to control racing thoughts and be aware of your body and mind. This suits you, if you have no teacher and decide to learn by yourself.

Visualization Meditation

In this meditation technique you visualise a picture or a scene that reinforces positivity , relaxes and calms you.

Make use of the other sense organs to help you get into the visualization better. Many use this method to imagine and visualise their goals.

Spiritual Meditation

This method of meditation is common in many religions. It is similar to a prayer where you seek a deep connection with the Universe or God.

Spiritual meditation could either be practiced in a place of worship or at home. This is for those who choose to be in silence during meditation and seek spiritual growth to give peace of mind.

Mantra and Transcendental Meditation

Mantra meditation involves the chanting of a single word like the popular ‘Om’. It is easier to focus on a word than to focus on breathing.This works for those who cannot meditate in silence and likes repetition of a focus word.

Transcendental meditation involves chanting a series of verses to focus the mind that improves concentration and relaxes you. This is suited for those who don’t like silence during their meditation and prefers a structure and routine.

Reflection and Self Awareness Meditation

This method of meditation involves asking yourself a question to create self awareness and which would reflect your true self.

For example ‘What are you grateful for in your life’ or ‘What do you wish to accomplish’ or ‘What are the good that I can see in me and others’ . More than the rational answers you focus primarily on the feelings that arise during the meditation.

This helps those who want to connect better with themselves and reflect their emotions and feelings.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can be practised from anywhere and does not involve the use of any equipment. The below are the benefits of meditation.

• It helps to relax the mind and the body and reduces stress.

• It improves concentration and enables us to focus on a task better.

• It enhances consciousness and self awareness.

• It helps to improve sleep and gives a sense of calm.

• It is believed to lessen anxiety and depression.

• Creates compassion and kindness.

• It is known to control blood pressure.


These are the different types of meditation that are used to improve one’s emotional and physical well being. Each type is different from the other and one must choose according to what suits them better to get the full benefits.

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