6 Dan Harris Meditation Tips That You Must Be Aware Of

dan harris meditation tips

Meditation is a mental exercise. Just like training the body with physical exercise has lots of benefits, similar is with the mind. Meditation wipes away the full day’s stress and brings a feeling of inner peace. It is an inexpensive way to have good mental health. Dan Harris is the author of the book “Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics: A 10% Happier How-to Book”. In this book, Harris has told about why he took the decision to write the book, how meditation affects your daily life, why companies make their separate meditation rooms, and much more. He has given the idea of having a 10% more happy life through meditation.

He began his journey from a news channel, and then he began doing meditation himself. After some time, his memoir that was themed on meditation, published in 2014. Harris launched a podcast named “10% Happier” with some News. These episodes featured interviews with various meditation teachers.

Psychological Benefits Of Dan Harris Meditation Tips

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Dan Harris meditation helps to cure blood pressure problems by lowering your blood pressure.

It reduces stress by reducing the level of stress hormone named cortisol. It is especially good for those who regularly have headaches.

It also helps you to boost your immune system.

It also helps to treat anxiety and depression.

The most important benefit of meditation is it Improves your focus and, thus, productivity.

6 Amazing Dan Harris Meditation Tips

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Harris has said to start the meditation with the time of a few minutes. Though the most optimal dosage recommended is 12 minutes a day. Then you can make short increments in your meditation time.

You can meditate wherever you want. According to Dan Harris, you don’t need to find a perfect and quiet place. Just do it whenever and wherever you feel doing so.

One of the cheesy Dan Harris Meditation tips is that he thinks that everyone is capable of doing meditation. There is no age limit. It does not matter what kind of personality you have or anything else.

Harris does not emphasize meditating at a particular time every day. Though if you find a regular time to meditate, then it is extra beneficial. If you have an unpredictable schedule, then you can fit meditation time as per your convenience. If you try too hard to do it at a particular time, then you may lose its benefits.

Everyone thinks that regularity is a must in meditation. But Harris emphasizes giving yourself a break and then starting again. If you stop due to some reason, then don’t lose hope and start doing it again.

The most powerful Dan Harris meditation tip is to notice the benefits of meditation in our actual life.


In today’s competitive and busy life, it becomes difficult to achieve a healthy and stress-free life. However, Dan Harris meditation tips can make a change in your life and makes it 10% happier.

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