5 Reasons Why Beginner Meditation Tears Of Happiness Are Good For You

beginner meditation tears of happines

In this digital world, every single person from elders to children has a high addiction to phones. Meditation has the special power and it can indeed reduce your addiction. A technique in which you have to focus on a specific thing which leads to positive, calm feelings is meditation. You exercise to make your body fit, Similarly people meditate to make their mind fit. While meditating, you focus on a specific thought and all the frustrated thoughts get away from your mind which results in relaxation and less stress. You may have seen people around you crying during meditation. It is a pleasant and very positive feeling which makes them cry happily. Beginner meditation tears of happiness is the indication that your practice of meditation is going right.

There are several different types of meditations like focused meditation, mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, mindfulness meditation etc. Each kind of meditation has its own unique benefits. You might feel unexpected things during meditation like sadness, anxiety or anger. You might start crying without any reason. Sometimes the change is physical, you might feel your heartbeat quickening, chest tightening or any beginner meditation tears of happiness. If you also start crying while doing meditation, then have a closer look at the reasons why beginner meditation tears of happiness.

Know Why Beginner Meditation Tears Of Happiness Are Normal

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There might be some past negative emotions which make you cry while meditating. When such emotions find a way to pass out, they go out through the tears. It is important to accept the emotions you are experiencing in your life, because when you cry it is the way of your mind and body to purify and detox.

Sometimes, feeling a sudden wave of happiness and peace brings tears of happiness. You get overwhelmed for the support and protection, and get filled with gratitude. When you get the divine presence, beginner meditation tears of happiness are casual.

While meditating, you get in touch with your soul which involves pure love. Such feelings fill you with a sense of joy. Achieving self-compassion allows you to accept all the emotional needs, instead of ignoring them. That’s why meditation sometimes brings tears and which is very casual.

While meditating, you may remember negative past memories or actions which make you feel guilty. That’s one of the main reasons for crying during meditation. Sometimes you may find faults in yourself, and cry.

Cleansing of all the suppressed and unpleasant emotions lead to crying. Your spirit, mind and body will undergo what they need and will indeed get purified. Meditation is really going to be very helpful for you.


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Always remember that each moment during meditation is perfect. Whether it is the moment of feeling calm, or a moment of beginner meditation tears of happiness. There is nothing wrong or right while meditating.

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