5 Best Guided Meditation For Stress Apps

guided meditation for stress

In the chaos of life, finding peace has become a big challenge today. Everyone tries to balance work, family, personal life, and social well-being. But not everyone can do that. One faces many problems and thus leads to extreme stress and sometimes depression. Well, here is a simple way to cope with such situations and remain stress-free. A guided meditation for stress for almost 15 minutes regularly can relax both your body and mind. Meditation is not beneficial for keeping a peaceful life but also a focused one. 

People who do guided meditation for stress daily can more easily concentrate, find solutions, keep happy and live longer lives. Regular meditation can also help cure many mental and physical diseases like depression, blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, etc. There are many online websites and apps available for a complete guided meditation today.

5 Top Rated Guided Meditations For Stress Apps of 2021


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The very safe and easily accessible Calm offers great guided meditations for stress with a 7 day free trial at the start. Calm offers individual exercises for all, whether you are a beginner or perfectionist. This app is less structured and has calming waves in the background. The steps to meditation are easy to follow on Calm. But you have to take a subscription of $ 70 annually or $ 400 for a lifetime to have full access to this app. 

Tara Brach

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Tara Brach is one of the therapeutic meditation apps for those who are looking for free meditation videos. It may ask for donations, but that depends on you. You can watch video classes and learn the guided meditation for stress step by step from clinical psychologists. There are many different categories available that you can choose from. However, it is not considered to be best for beginners.


With a two-week free trial, Headspace is a great app for both beginners and experts to learn guided meditation for stress. It has an annual subscription cost of $70, and a monthly subscription is $13. One can feel it is a bit expensive but worth it. It is user-friendly. There are more than 100 meditations from which you can choose and start learning.

The Honest Guys

Those users who get anxiety attacks frequently or have stressful lives can go for The Honest Guys guided meditation for stress app. The meditations are available free of cost on this. The best part is one can be calmed by imagination due to the background sounds from this app. This app also teaches various breathing techniques and reassures anxious users.

Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein offers free and newest meditation techniques. Like Walking mediation, in which you will focus on every step and breath while walking. This helps to connect your mind and body. The videos offered here are short and best for busy lifestyle people. These videos have meditations as well as exercises combined, making a great combo for overall good health.


A properly guided meditation for stress is key to a healthy and stress-free life. In this internet era, it has become very easy to learn and practice meditation while watching videos, etc.

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